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OHM Fitness, founded by CEO Doug Payne, is a fitness franchise that offers various wellness and fitness services. Payne, who has successfully launched franchises such as Massage Envy, European Wax Center, and Orangetheory Fitness, is now seeking to expand OHM Fitness. The brand’s philosophy is reflected in its name, which stands for “One More Hour,” encouraging individuals to commit to an extra hour of exercise daily.

In August 2022, OHM Fitness opened its first studio at its headquarters in Scottsdale, AZ. The company has sold the rights to twelve regions, with more than 275 studios in the future. These regions are being developed in Arizona, San Diego, South Florida, New Jersey, Washington D.C, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, North Carolina, and Texas.

At OMH Fitness franchises, you have a variety of fitness classes to choose from, including strength training, yoga, Pilates, HIIT, and more. They also offer nutrition coaching, personal training, and online programs to assist you in achieving your fitness goals. The franchise’s programs prioritize overall health and wellness, focusing on strength, flexibility, and endurance.

OMH Fitness franchises operate on a franchise model, where individuals can invest in a franchise and receive training and support to manage their fitness studio. The franchise provides ongoing training and support to ensure franchisees have the tools and knowledge to run a successful business.

Latest News

OHM Fitness has recently announced plans to open 70 new locations in Texas. This move is predicted to generate $300 million in economic impact and create 2,800 new job opportunities for Texans.

This expansion in Texas is part of OHM Fitness’s broader strategy to expand its franchise network throughout the United States. The company is looking for passionate franchisees interested in owning and operating their OHM Fitness studio.

OHM Fitness’s distinctive workout experience, incorporating cutting-edge wearable technology, biometrics, studio design, and music sequences, has gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts. The franchise offers a variety of membership options, including group and private sessions, with pricing determined by the number of classes purchased.

OHM Fitness reported opening 70 EMS fitness studios in the Texas Triangle over the next few years. It is well poised for continued success and growth within the fitness industry.

Shivam Khanna is a seasoned 20-year franchisee with experience developing franchises across Texas. He recently secured the area representative rights for OHM Fitness and will bring 70 locations to Texas, including 25 in Dallas Fort Worth, 20 in Austin and San Antonio, and 25 in Houston. Khanna plans to open by himself 25 locations and is searching for retail space in Dallas-Fort Worth, with Jim Dunn of Retail Union Partners to open by the end of 2023. The other 45 locations will be awarded to qualified multi-unit franchisees. 

What is an EMPower Suit?

OHM Fitness uses EMPower Suit wearable technology to offer low-impact workouts that provide exceptional results while minimizing wear and tear on joints, ligaments, and muscles. OMH Fitness franchises have gained popularity due to their unique fitness approach and commitment to helping individuals achieve their health and fitness goals.

Compared to traditional weightlifting and other conventional workouts that can be hard on joints and muscles, EMS technology produces impressive results while minimizing wear and tear. OHM Fitness provides a high-tech fitness experience with wearable technology and biometrics that are collected and reported on. The studio design, music, and lighting sequences are meticulously formulated to enhance the workout experience.

Memberships & Franchises

Membership options include the “Warm Up” (four classes per month), the “Turn Up” (12 classes per month), and the “Peak” (20 classes per month), with group and private sessions available. This low-impact workout has been linked to benefits such as fat loss, improved skin health, increased energy, reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced muscle strength, and pain relief. The EMS technology within the EMPower Suit allows impulses to reach muscle fibers up to one hundred times faster than traditional exercises, resulting in a highly effective 25-minute workout.

OMH Fitness franchises offer various fitness and wellness services, promoting holistic health and wellness. They operate on a franchise model, allowing individuals to start their own fitness studio with the support of an established brand.

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